Cybersecurity as a Service

Advisory Services

Executive thought leadership workshop to discuss and share information on Cybersecurity topics including, Annual (or on demand) face-to-face meetings including Intensity Global Cybersecurity experts, our leadership team and leaders from Intensity Global strategic partners.

Security Effectiveness Assessment

Through our security effectiveness assessment service, we will optimize your security investment by evaluating your current security controls, and the effectiveness of your security investment. We will then provide specific recommendations on ways to increase your security posture.

Application Security

Intensity Global will work closely with your team of developers to maximize security of your in house applications and services. Our team of experts can identify weaknesses in your applications and your application development processes.

CISO As A Service

We can tailor the CISO role to the size and requirements of your business and bring their experience without the overhead of a full time CISO to assist with the Organization’s Cyber security strategy, planning and implementation.

Cyber Awareness Program

We implement phishing campaigns and create cyber security awareness programs that train your employees to identify and avoid cyber attacks, breaking the attack chain before it can even start.

Cyber Compliance and Governance

GDPR, HIPAA, ISO27001, PCI DSS, and Critical Infrastructure Protection Regulations. Intensity Global is globally recognized for its vast knowledge and experience in the security regulation’s landscape including the preparedness of your organization’s compliance with any set of requirements.


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