Automated Backup for Security Devices

In the modern age, attacks against organizational emails are more prevalent and sophisticated than ever. A simple firewall is no longer enough to protect an organization and its information from external threats.

Using different applications for protection against viruses, Trojans etc., is not enough. Research shows the weakest links in protecting against phishing attacks are an organization’s employees, which is why Intensity offers a cloud-based solution whose goal is to train the organization’s employees to deal with focused email attacks.

Anti-virus software is not enough to protect from all types of attacks. Therefore, the importance of training the employees and increasing their awareness and ability to identify and respond to cyber-attacks is critical.

Market Challenge

  • Complex Networks & Complex Configurations
  • Multi-Vendor Environments
  • Lack of Unified Management System
  • Manual Process

Full Automation

  • Non-Intrusive and Agentless
  • No Configuration Changes
  • No Scripting

Single-Click Recovery & Procedures

  • One-Click Automated Recovery
  • Step by Step procedures for Recovery
  • Custom Procedures
  • Central location for downloading network related information

The Intensity Global solution simplifies the way you maintain your diverse network withadditional add-on capabilities such as:

The Features

  • Multi-vendor support (over 150 technology vendors)
  •  Web-based, centralized management dashboards
  •  Live status information and reporting
  •  5-Step backup verifications
  • Push device changes and files to multiple devices simultaneously
  •  Automated device health checks
  •  Consistency and uniformity of device configurations, with side-byside comparisons
  •  Proprietary customization engine that supports easy, on-the-fly changes and additions
  • Time-lapse of device health and compliance history
  • Multi-tenant, distributed architecture
  • Built-in dynamic firewall
  •  Granular administration rules and access parameters
  •  Audited device access
  • Open API and customization wizard
  • Professional services support includes a 24 to 48-hour turnaround to add custom devices
  • Automated Backup and Single-click Recovery
  •  Dynamic Inventory Management (with Network Visualization)
  •  Custom Task Orchestration
  • IntelliChecks (with Trends)
  • Access Auditing
  • Performance Checks
  •  Operations Checks
  •  Security Checks



Intensity Global offers a simple way to intelligently automate the backup, restoring and management of all devices on the network by providing centralized management for over 150 different technology manufacturers.

Firewalls, routers, switches and load balancers currently make up the core of networking devices in the enterprise today. Each one plays a critical role in the availability and security of an organization’s network. Intensity Global is designed to ensure that they all continue to function effectively and effortlessly, streamlining operations for optimal performance.

With intensity Global connected to all the devices on the network, many of the mundane and manual routine management procedures become scheduled or automated, providing organizations with piece-of-mind, and saving time, money, and resources.

  • Full Backup Automation
  • Single Click Recovery and Procedure
  • Multi-Tiered Configuration Verification
  • Configuration Comparison
  • Automated Configuration changes
  • Dynamic Refreshed Asset Management
  • Preemptive Health Checks
  • Harmonization
  • IP Management
  • CLI and RDP Access and Recording
  • Multi-tenant & Role Based Administration


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