Breach and Attack Simulation
Organizations now have the power to verify their security posture on-demand through a unique breach and attack simulation platform. Intensity Global’s advanced technology allows them to launch simulations of cyber attacks against themselves, immediately providing vulnerability mitigation plans.

The centralized platform allows security testing through multiple attack vectors such as Email, Browsing, Internal Network (Lateral Movement), Human awareness, Data Exfiltration, WAF, Endpoint and SIEM/SOC Simulation.

Fully-automated and diversified attacks allow for complete security testing anytime, providing organizations with a better understanding of their security posture while continuously improving it. By eliminating false-positives, intensity delivers only accurate and actionable results.

Key Benefits:

  • Mitigate attacks before they happen
  • Get a comprehensive assessment
  • Remote-test your entire infrastructure
  • Plug & Play Solution
  • SaaS based – No Hardware required
  • Immediate results: 24/7


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