SCADA Solutions

Intensity established the field of SCADA to provide real solutions for the gap between clients with critical systems and new technologies .We Protect the security of SCADA networks and process management thatare  criticaltoutility organizations. The U.S. Department of Energy states that “actions are required by all organizations, government or commercial, to secure their SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) networks as part of the effort to adequately protect the nation’s critical infrastructure.”

Our unique services include software solutions, information security (cyber) and communication for clients with high security demands. With years of experience in platforms based on monitoring systems, there are few challengse our experts cannot handle. Our service and knowledge contribute to raising the bar in security and the stability of critical applications that serve many companies around the world, efficiently protecting more than one hundred million people worldwide.

The variety of our clients is large, and among our international and local clients, each one has different working regulations and requirements. We allow each of them to safely explore new technologies that continuously improve their critical systems, while maintaining uncompromising safety values.

Our clients enjoy software, communication and information security services in the following fields:Water and sewage, energy, gas, crude oil, pharmaceutics and security.


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