Database Security

Intensity Global offers real-time and reliable database security solutions that protect the business-critical databases from external, internal, and intra-database threats, and requires no architecture changes, costly hardware, or database downtime. Organizations of all sizes can gain complete visibility into their overall database landscape and corresponding security posture, fully align their security policy administration practices, and efficiently maintain regulatory compliance.

Intensity Global provides Database Activity Monitoring automatically identify all the databases within the organization’s network, protects them with a set of preconfigured defenses, and helps them build a custom security policy for internal environment. Database Activity Monitoring cost-effectively protects the organization’s data from all threats in real time.

Comprehensive threat protection — Protect your unpatched databases against zero-day attacks by blocking attacks that exploit known vulnerabilities and terminating sessions that violate your security policies.

Detailed audit trail reports — Audit trail reports are available to meet SOX, PCI, and other compliance audit requirements. During post-incident forensic analysis, this audit trail can help you understand the amount of lost data and gain greater insight into malicious activity.

Key Benefits:

  • Automatic identification of all of the organization’s databases and features
  • Protection against external attacks and internal irregularities
  • Virtual patching – signature updates against hacks that require patch updates
  • A read only software solution. The DBA has control over the agent and can download it at any point. The process runs at a memory level without impacting the performance
  • Detailed compliance reports such as SOX and PCI


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